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What carbs?

I was going to build a more radical street engine for my wife's black 73 Thunderbird a couple of years ago and I bought a set of P51s, but the bad economy stopped me in my tracks.

I can now proceed, and common sense or not enough cash to do what I really wanted to do prevails. I think that the P51s are too big for this combination, so they will set on the shelf. Here is what I am commited to.

Stock block with straps on the 3 center mains.
Scat cast crank 4.15"
Scat "I" beam rods. 6.7"
10.3 to 1 compression from Probe forged pistons, 21.8 cc dish, 1.525" CH
C9s ported with valve sizes to be determined.
Blue Thunder, dual plane, dual quad, standard port intake manifold. (ported)
Custom, solid lifter cam, Max power at about 5200 RPM
But, what carbs? I am thinking about Demon's new 625 CFM carbs. Polymer bodies, small primarys, large single secondary.
Ceramic coated headers from Stan at FPA.

If anyone has any thoughts to help me, I would be appreciative. I am trying to build a strong mid range torque engine to strongly move a heavy car.
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