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On the POS I am trying to port it as much as possible and do CJ port match. Opening up the carb flange and plenum....and thinking of doing up a HVH 4500 adapter like I saw on an EMC engine years ago....Porting the heads and need to flow them and see how they are doing (until I am happy), which is never....lol. The Victor is a 4150 flange as well....not sure how I will address the flange on that one, although it is the same as a 4500 version. Just need to redrill it....might just use it like it is at first with my 4150 1050 to get it running and then go from there. The car is just giving me so much work to get back together, I have not had time to finish up all of the engine work yet........Keep us posted on your progress.....I sure like the heads you are running....D

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