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mayeracing 11-26-2012 08:09 PM

Roller Cam on street
Has any body ever ran a roller cam on the street .What kind of problems does it normally [poduce.Thanks

trabdady 09-27-2013 02:56 PM

roller cam on the street
No problem at all, but just like any other cam a street roller cam needs to be relatively conservative. I run a 248 / 254 duration .595 / .607 Isky street roller in my 502" Fairlane , 9.57 compression ( pump gas 93 ) 1-7/8" headers ported DOVE heads, an Offy single plane manifold and a 8896 Dominator. With a 3000 stall 10" converter she idles at a light without having to go to neutral, got throttle response from hell. Requires a lot of initial timing.

CarsByCarl 09-27-2013 03:35 PM

What's most important is using cam lobes that are correct for the application. Too many people take a big ol' race cam with aggressive ramps, try to drive it on the street and end up with big problems. Then they go on the internet and tell that solid rollers shouldn't/can't be used on the street.

I've personally built several solid roller cam street use engines. Many of them have been in use for years now, and none of them have had an issue.

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