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rowdy j 07-18-2013 02:55 PM

77 F350 xtended 4x4 build
hey guys.
i figured i would start documenting my setup here and ask for ideas.
its an extended cab short bed. (i love these things)...

i have a d3 running engine in the truck. solid, stock bottom end. i am building an everyday work/camping truck. needs to pull my 68 jeep around. =)

i just put my d0ve c heads in the machine shop yesterday. i am going to clean up the intake and port out the exhaust.

i have a performer coming in the mail shortly.

comp cams extreme 4x4 X4262H will give it life. the cam is rated for heavy tow on stock converter.

i am also putting the new street demon 750 spread bore on it. i want it running on the small primaries until we need, then it had better smoke em down. =)

1" phenolic 4 hole will be ported to match the carb (and goggle valve) then rounded on all 4 (3) holes for smoother flow.
i am going to buy one of scotties dizzies.

its sitting on 38's, but i have a set of 40's that will be going back on it when i purchase the 4th tire (the guy had a blow out, threw the 38's on, then sold to me).
i dont know the ratio yet, i will pull the cover here shortly and check it all out, then hit it with a gear calc for correct ratio-stock.

stock divorced transfer case. several inches of lift. it comes to the bottom of my nose and i am 6'2".

dana 60's front and back.

i am thinking of notching the performer intake right at the spot where the rear barrel is like the performer RPM airgap. a little notch in there to help when i put it down..nothing big, just a lil help below that big goggle valve.

i bought a edelbrock double roller that i might save for my high performance build. i will need to get my other chain and make sure its strait up, then put it on it.

it should run great...after i jet the carb for this 4000 feet.
the torque should be REALLY snappy with that spread bore vacuum secondary....like the old quadrajets. atleast itll be loud like they were..=)
i LOVE that sound..=)

more to come.

rowdy j 07-25-2013 11:50 PM

woot! jegs delievered.
carb, cam, lifters, lube..
all kinds of goodies.

when i get the heads out of the shop, i will get some seals and get the mallory recurved. gasket port and get all that squared away.
then it should be bolt everything together.
i taught my wife to gasket match the other day, and she loved it.

depending on what we can learn from scotties site, she might become the mad porterESS..lol.
maybe i will let her port my d3's for practice..=) put em on the 429 ranger or whatever..

i am going to have to tune this new carb for 4000 feet. yay.. =\
im not a carb guy.

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