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Angry Engine won't pull R.P.M's

I put the car away last fall running a best of 10.60's at 124 mph. I back the valves off for winter{ this is a solid cam} Did some upgrades to suspension, added motor plate,engine limiters, new headers, Sent converter back to be loosened up,sent my quick fuel E-85 carb to Horsepower Innovations to be reworked. I bring the car out after these upgrades now the car will leave good but falls on it's face.Will not pull above 5000-5500 RPM in any gear.
I have checked timing set at 34*,tried a different msd box, different coil, Disconnected tach and shift light.Did not help the problem.I have checked valve lash, has not changed. I am thinking valve springs may be weak.
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