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Hey guys been awhile to update but anyway car has been running cool and reliable. The other day I decided to check my gas pedal linkage. Well turns out my gas pedal was barely pulling my throttle halfway. So I fixed that and readjusted my kickdown cable. Low and behold the true power of the mighty Ford Big Block came out to play. This whole time I have been driving this thing around doing burnouts and whatnot at HALF THROTTLE!! well I got about twenty minutes of driving and a big Smokey burnout at FULL THROTTLE before my trans I rebuilt early this year died. So now I'm going to pull the trans tomorrow and see what went wrong. My oh my was I surprised to feel how powerful and fast it really was. Holy crap! Can wait to get this 460 built and put in, unfortunately that's put on the back burner til trans is fixed. Anyway ill post up more after I get trans out and apart.

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