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Default fuel milage

Quick question...... AFTER fixing throttle...... were you STILL getting like 76 MPG????? LMAO!!! I'm thinking NOT! LOL!

But fuel mileage is over rated anyways! haha. Before I made changes to Torino I was using aprox 1 1/2 - 2 gals of 114 racing fuel to go from my trailer to sitting in staging lane, heat up tires, make a 1/4 mile pass and back to trailer. So aprox a 1/2 mile round trip. So I don't get MPG....... I get GPM's!! hahaha About 3 gallons for a mile of fun. And it's only 8.50 a gallon! lol

Hope you're having fun with it! I'm buttoning things up and hoping to run tomorrow and Sunday for test and tuning. We will see if I break my best of 12 sec flat and get better fuel mileage to boot!

Have a good weekend! Will let you know what happens
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