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well seems to me taxman that no matter how we go 2 bolt 4bolt block were still at limit with the block or crank we have! seeing that a A460 block is out of the question for me and you at the moment,we are working with-in a hp limit anyway of what we have! so if you have a scat 9000 cast crank that is good for 800-1000hp, the stock block is only good with in those limits anyway! so putting a forged crank in a block that can only take 800-1000hp is over kill to me. unless you are moving up to a eliminator block or A460 block! so to me you might as well build a motor based on what the block and crank can handle! guess I will be building my motor based on all the experience of the people on here and from bbf guys in my city who i'v e seen run with these parts! so any thing over 1000hp with a stock block your playing Russian ruellet with your motor and money! guess I will be ordering my 4.500 scat crank building me a 750-830hp motor no spray, and just go have fun! just me thing out loud! how much did your motor make on the dyno!
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