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Ive run crankcase evacs to my headers for years, through mufflers, on the street as well.

Never had a problem, made all the leaks and blowing caps go away.

If you go that way, braided is fine, but dont buy the moroso kit or Jegs. Got to Napa and get a couple of EGR valves for a Ford Pinto, one 4 inch X 1/2 pipe nipple from home depot, cut the nipple in half at a 45 and your done.

I do weld an extra backer on my collector the nipple goes through just for good measure. Ilooked at vacuum pumps, crank an electric, cant justify the cost against the effectiveness of the header evacs.

They will tell you it smokes, especially running through mufflers. Mine never has, anymore than any other car when your running the piss out of it.
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