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Originally Posted by george1987 View Post
thank you for your comments, here are more details of the engine:
-HP (SAE J607) 609 hp @ 5750 rpm
-Torque (SAE J607) 630 lb-ft of torque @ 4500 rpm
-HP (SAE 1349 Corrected) 580 hp @ 5750 rpm
-Torque (SAE 1349 Corrected) 600 lb-ft of torque @ 4500 rpm
-10.0:1 compression ratio Cast nodular iron crankshaft, M-6303-A514Victor single plane intake manifold M-9424-H429
-Ford Racing "Super Cobra Jet" aluminum cylinder heads. They flow significantly more than production 460 heads. Combustion chamber volume is 72cc (nominal)
-Ford Racing "Super Cobra Jet" valve train includes dual-valve springs, retainers, keepers, seals and premium stainless steel swirl polished valves. Intake valve diameter is 2.20" and exhaust valve diameter is 1.76"
-Ford Racing high-performance solid roller mechanical camshaft M-6250-A514 provides significant horsepower increases above 3500 RPM and good low-end torque. Valve lift is .640" intake and exhaust. Duration at .050" is 254 degrees intake and 258 degrees exhaust
-Ford Racing forged aluminum dished pistons, bore size 4.390"
That cam aint on the same planet with cams that would be good for a drag race engine.

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