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Originally Posted by george1987 View Post
Hi, I have a 521 bbf crate engine, all original with a powerglide in a 84 ford Thunderbird and Im running low 10´s and I want to get lower, around 9.70
I am going to send the engine for a refresh, it has around 200 runs, and they recommend me to change crank, rods and pistons, and maybe even cam and intake to make it a 557 but I think that it would be too expensive.
So I wanted to ask you if you think that it would be enough with a blueprint, porting heads and intake and maybe changing the cam? And do you think it would just as expensive as the first option or a lot cheaper?
There are many paths that can get you there, such as driveline setup change + vehicle weight reduction + a cam change, for example. You don’t necessarily need a big new engine, and in fact a big new engine might subsequently dictate the aforementioned other changes anyway.


Originally Posted by The Mad Porter View Post
The out of the box AFR castings are going to best P-51's....Unless a client demands it All aluminum headed BBF engines that come out of BOTH of our shops have AFR heads.

One size does not fit all. I know that both you and Carl know this, I just don’t want your above point to misconstrue others to believe there is only one fantastic head that stands above them all regardless of application. There are many options from which to choose. And AFR heads are not the only way for the OP to gain 3 tenths.


Originally Posted by slowride View Post
Well this is depressing. I have a brand new set of SCJ's sitting on the block and I'm already behind.......
You’re not “behind” anything, there is no such thing as a “best” head, and your engine combination is going to make your car a rocket ship, Mike.


Originally Posted by Mike34436 View Post
I wonder if the Trick Flow A460 360 heads with BBC oval exhaust ports would have done any better?
I just want to note that there isn’t a BBF head on the market that uses “BBC oval exhaust ports.” This is not a matter of semantics, it’s a fact. (The pattern for the header flange is BBC, however the port is not.)

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