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My interesting morning

It was a morning like any other. I awoke on the couch, my contacts plastered to my eyes because I forgot to take them out last night. I forced myself to get up and make some breakfast for my son, got myself cleaned up and headed off to work.
As I entered town, I was listening to Incesticide by Nirvana, "Aero Zeppelin" specifically. I was running late as usual, and was speeding, going about 40 in a 30 zone. Honest. I was heading West. After I stopped at a stop sign, I was almost at work. I had an upcoming left turn (to go south), so I geared my bitchin' truck down into second and made the turn going about 20 mph. No muss, no fuss, just a little bit of squeal from the rear tires.
At this point, I am only about 100 yards from the staff parking lot at work. That's when I see him: a city cop with all his lights flashing, siren cranked up.
"Well, looks like another speeding ticket," I said to myself. I'm completely jaded to this **** by now.
I couldn't pull over on the two lane southbound street I was on without obstructing traffic, and I didn't want to give this cop any more reason to get mad at me. Little did I know, it wouldn't have mattered.
He was right behind me when I pulled into a parking space in the employee lot. He tears out of his squad car, gun drawn like Dirty Harry, screaming at me at me to exit the vehicle. This has never happened to me before, and I can't even venture a guess at how many times I have been pulled over. Once I got out, he demanded I get on my knees and put my hands behind my back, all the while pointing his gun at an obviously unarmed man.
"Why were you hauling ***?! Why were you hauling ***?!" He bellowed.
I don't think that is the dialogue that they teach them in the academy.
Then the bastard cuffed me! Son of a bitch! Then he said he was going to detain me for "Evading arrest."
I didn't even know I was going to be arrested, so how can I evade it?
I explained to him that I work here, and that the reason I was speeding was because I was late. Nothing like the truth.
"Why didn't you stop?" he barked.
"I did stop!"
At around that time, THREE MORE squad cars pull up. Jesus H. Christ, it's a f*cking routine traffic stop, and these gumshoes are making a federal case about it. Aren't there other crimes that they could be solving right now?
He claimed that he had been following me since before I made my left turn and that I was going 55 in a 30 zone. More bull****.
With the arrival of backup, he seemed to calm down a little. Then another officer asked if he could "search" the vehicle, a request that I denied. The Dirty Harry wanna-be then said that they were going to impound my truck so that a warrant could be obtained.
"Well, if that's what you gotta do, then do it, but you aren't searching my truck without a warrant." I said. Boy, was I ever glad I cleaned all of the old beer bottles out of my truck the night before. The officer stepped aside to confer with a corporal who had arrived in the cadre, while another officer gave me a field sobriety test, which I passed.
They ran a full background check on me, looking for both local and state warrants I might have. They found nothing.
After talking with the corporal, they figured out that there really wasn't anything that they could hold me on, and all that they could do was cite me for speeding and no front license plate. Ha! Bitches.
"Well, it's your lucky day, you aren't going to jail," said Dirty Harry, with obvious disgust in his voice as he uncuffed me. I asked him if it was standard procedure to draw his sidearm when pulling over a speeding suspect, and another officer said that because I didn't immediately stop when I saw him, that it was "evading arrest," and that was a felony offense. He claimed that any felonious stop requires his gun to be draw.
What the hell was I supposed to do, stop in the middle of the street and obstruct traffic?
I fully intend to fight the speeding charge, because the cop admitted that he didn't have me on radar. What's more is that Dirty Harry was/is a rookie; He needed help from another officer when filling out the citation. And all of this happened with my boss and co-workers looking on.
So that is how my morning went yesterday. How about you?
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When ya hear about cops getting shot on the you know why....D
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I'd get a lawyer and sue there a$$ for false imprisonment unwarranted detainment, and being an A$$....
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WOW!!! I met a cop on a banked curve in the wisconsin countryside once, it was about 2 am, she was near the centerline and so was I. Now for the truck I was driving, 78 ford f250 4wd with a 460 transplant. Now these trucks don't really handle all that well, I move up on the curve to make room, the squad whips around and comes after me. Well I had been pulled over by the same two cops, about the same time of the night, and in the same truck 3 times in two weeks, every time sober, and taking my girlfriend home. This female cop comes up to the truck as I have my license in hand, just about pulls her gun, hassles me about the seat belt, which I took off to get my license out, blah blah me a warning for lane devieation (well spelled something like that swerving all over the road), she asked if I was drinking, blah blah blah. I tell her I am not old enough and wasn't. Taking the girlfriend home like the last two times you pulled me over. She starts to get pissed, gives me the written warning and I ask her what I have to do with it and she gives me attitude and says well you can make a small fire with it for all I care. Some cops, I think they just like to be on a power trip.

hope you get that ticket thrown out,
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I loathe cops. I won't even get into any of my stories about being detained and harassed for no good reaosn other than obeying every traffic law and driving safely (apparently only drunks obey all the laws, so you eitehr break the law and get stopped for breaking the law or obey the law and get stopped for DUI suspect). It's a shame 98% of the pigs make a bad reputation for for those 2% of upstanding officers of the law.

Oh, and guess what... I've been drinking tonight! But where have I been all night? In the garage working on projects and inside on the computer... NOT behind the wheel!!
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I hate most cops too... and my dad was one for over 20 years. Good cops hate bad cops too, it's just that there's very few good ones because they hate putting up with all the bad ones (especially the higher ranking ones that just need to start **** all the time). In my old camaro I got hassled to no end by the local cops. I got seat belt tickets when I was wearing my seat belt. I got ticketed for 59 in a 55, warned for 58 in a 55. Just a few weeks ago I was riding with my friend (he now owns the car since I sold it to him as I was tired of it) and we got some of the worse treatment ever. We'd left the local grocery store and stopped at the only somewhat major intersection in town. When the light turned green, he turned right (signal on and everything) and gave it gas to get up to the posted 25mph limit. No tire spinning, nothing out of the ordinary. Cop comes flying up behind us at more than 50mph in this 25mph zone and pulls us over. A second car comes in behind his, both cop cars in the middle of the right hand lane while we're pulled over as far as we can to the curb in same lane. The two cops in the first car get out and one goes to each side of the car. The one on my side never takes his hand off his gun. We both are asked for driver's licenses and such. Then the one on the driver side starts ripping into my friend, almost yelling, **** like, "Who were you drag racing? You're getting your license suspended for a year! What do you think of that?" My friend says, "Who the **** was I supposedly racing? If there was someone racing me, I sure as **** didn't see him!" Then the cop says something about how trying to outpace another vehicle is drag racing... but there was no vehicle to outpace save for the motorcycle that went in the other lane who also made a right turn from the stop light. My friend says he doesn't know anything about racing anyone and if he was trying to race that motorcycle back there, he would have been going a lot faster than 25mph. The cop on my side is trying to be all nice and get me to admit we were drag racing. Bastard. Then the cop talking to my friend says that even if we weren't drag racing, it was an "exhibition of speed" and that's also a one year license suspension. Eventually they let us go with no written warnings which I thought was very strange, but I bet it's because they found out my friend is known by about everyone in town including the mayor, most of the police, lawyers, etc... Probably once they radioed in who they'd caught drag racing, they were told that we probably weren't actually drag racing. That and the fact NONE of them saw our car where they said we were drag racing. They just heard my friend get on the gas and ASSUMED we must be doing something illegal. I sure hate cops. I get away with so much little violations in my Infiniti that I would have been put in jail for the night had I done them in my camaro. Things like a little squeel from the tires from stop signs, not signalling turns, accidently going 10mph over the posted limit. I often wonder why I even am bothering to build my old mustang. I should just get a kia and forget trying to live. In Yellowstone (where my dad was a ranger) the employees at the hospital would have volleyball matches in the evening. At the picnic tables near the volleyball net they would have whiskey and vodka shots. They would listen on the radio for either of two well known "supercops" to make traffic stops. Each time there was a traffic stop by one of them, they would have a shot of liquor. Any night they played this game, they would all be drunk in no time. That almost sounds like I'm making it up, but sadly, it's not made up. They would get together, have the lead cop car pass another car, and when that car sped up thinking it was safe to travel the speed of the cop car, the second one would pull it over and issue the ticket. They got in a bit of trouble for that stunt, but the fact they tried it was sad.
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There are some cops I like and alot I don't.

hahahhaha, The last two tickets I have got where from the same cop! I ran into him one day while I was in town and he asked me If I ever thought about joining! LOL I said you are crazy! I don't want to get shot!

Some cops are ok and just do there job, but there are some that do it just so thay can carry a gun, drive fast and boss people around. Those most of the time have a god complex or they where arrested so much when they where younger they decide to just become a cop and get paid for it.

Heck, I remember back in the day in the ATL the Swat team was under investigation for selling seized drugs. Drug dealer was in court and they told how much was seized from his property. He told them he had alot more than that and where did it all go? Well come to find out the Swat team was selling it, and using!
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