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Saturdays night pulls at Denmark WI.

Saturdays Night pulls at Denmark WI.

OK I got to Denmark and 1 hour earlier then I normally do Cuz this was also an Open Stock pull for the WUMPA that Iím president of. Ended up getting a pretty good place to park my 45í trailer, (I thought at 4:00 p.m.) Lesson learned.

Anyway I set up the registration area for the Open Stock Guys on the trailer after I unloaded ShaZam. I was so busy at first I never even got down to look at the track before the drives meeting.

History of Denmark WI.
Best Clay you can find in Wisconsin, 50 feet wide 400 feet long, Naturally moist due to the track lies in a Valley, with a prefect 45 Dreg. Hill thatís 30 foot tall and 400í feet long. You can bring a lawn chair with you or you can just sit on the hill itís the perfect viewing point. On one side of the track is a Creek that flows all year round so the water level is just under the surface of the clay.
For the most part the track crew has the prep. down to an art. Last year when you went down there you couldnít try to drag you feet against the clay it would hold on to your shoes so tight it was like glue.
Well this year they missed the prep. just a tad. It rained on Wednesday and they got 2Ē of rain.. Needless to say the two fire trucks of water they dumped on it the morning of the pull wasnít needed and the track was a little soggy to say the least. But it was still really sticky. It takes the horsepower right out from underneath you as run down this track.

I ended up the 8th puller out of 20 trucks this night, And as the first Super Stock Truck tightened up the chain the night was about to stir up controversy. Bam Bam was the 1st truck to pull and as he left the line he had a dame good run it looked to me as I was going thur tech inspection. But Bam Bam wasnít being drove by itís usual drivers, Chad Klatt or David Affelt, Instead Willy Konklin was the driver tonight. This only hear say to me by one of the drivers that was at the big end of the track. But when he got to the end of the pull the flag guy asked Willy if he was going to keep the pull or turn it down. Willy looked at Chad who was standing on the other side of the track and Chad motioned to him to turn it down, (And Willy said ya what he said.) What the flagman heard was ya.
So they put it down as 1st puller was keeping his pull of 270.09 . And this is where it gets weird, Willy then pulled Bam Bam back in to line and parked off to the side. What I see now is that Willy also drove the other truck of Chad Klatts Go Green, which was the last truck in the class to run. So instead of driving Bam Bam all the way back to the pits which was a pretty good hike up that 30 foot hill, Heíd just park it down there and get ready to drive Go Green and Chad and Willy could then take both trucks back to the hauler when the pull was over. Well everything was going good until the 4th truck came up to pull, Coyote Cool put 16 feet on him and then he supposedly said he turned the pull down. When it was ShaZamís turn to pull we gave it the best We had to offer I dropped down 2 Ĺ gears from what I ran at Amhurst but jumped back up one gear just before I pulled. A good chose on my part, As I tightened up the chain and got the green flag I eased ShaZam out of the hole Like I have done so many times before and about 3 feet out I felt a Clunk Like something slipped, I think it was the chain just straightening itís self out, But any ways as I jumped on the throttle ShaZam Zinged up the 7800 Rpmís and played between 78 and 76 as we went down the track, When we hit the big end of the track and the weight box topped out and the last stage dropped We had a whole bunch of bouncing and hopping as the tires refused to let go of the Good Denmark clay but the sled said you anít going no further, ShaZam and I where sitting at the 280.09í mark. And was in 3rd place at that time. What I found after I parked ShaZam up on the trailer and walked back to the hillside to watch the last 12 trucks pull was that there was this big clump of clay built up where ShaZam stopped from the skid pan of the eliminator that seem to be holding the trucks from going any further then the 280 mark the next two trucks went 273 and 274 then Midnight Cheater went left of where we had been stopping and made it to 288.08í mark which put Roy in 1st place and knocked me down to 4th at that time. The last nine trucks fell behind the 280 mark and I held up the 4th place spot. But then Willy who was driving Go Green jumped out of the truck and jumped back in Bam Bam and headed but to the tech area and headed back onto the track. Nobody really knew what was going on not even the announcer, but they hooked him back up to the sled and Willy made and excellent pass just hanging to the left of where he had drove Go Green not 5 minuteís ago and made it to the 284.74í mark. So I hung my head and thought I was bumped down to 5th for the night out of 20 trucks.
So I went back and chained down ShaZam and had a few Bud Lights with the fellow pullers, Someone asked if I heard that Bam Bamís second pull didnít count Cuz of what the flag guy heard Willy say to him. ( Ya )
I said NO but that means Iím 4th for the night then. I seen Willy walking up the hill and he didnít look like he was having much fun, And if I had another beer in me Iíd probley had stopped him and asked if what I heard was true. But I didnít feel like getting into a *** Kicking Contest with Willy and just left it along. Which for those who know me Know I always like stirring the pot a little.

So two more beers and it was time to head home only problem was their where way to many cars in the parking lot. Remember the elípremo parking spot I got when I pulled in well as it turned out I was blocked in and after 15 minutes of trying to back that 45í trailer out of there I just said the heck with it and pulled back in where it was parked. And said Iíd best get me a Snickers bar cuz I was going to be there for a while. As it turned out my cooler with 36 little darlings (Bud Lites) in it was requested back to where a few of the puller where hanging out and we had a pretty good party there. After about 2 hours the parking lot was clearing out and the guys started heading home. I went back to my truck pulled the keys out of the ignition and locked the doors and Kick the Seat back and went to sleep. Before I knew it (More to this but I wonít explain) the sun was coming up so I fired up my hauler and I headed home.
Home by 7:00 A.M. Wife not to happy with me Ö. But it all worked out for the better.

Itís now Sunday morning and I have to get the mod tires onto the trailer and get ready to head to WUMPAíS Shakey Lakes pull at 9:00 A.M. with Daddy.

OK Shakey Lakes is a Sand Pit type clay. Last year ShaZam took 1st place in both Super Stock And Modified this year ShaZam retains her title as Number one at Shakey Lakes with 1st place finishes in both classes.


The older I get the less I seem to know.
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Did willy give up on snowmobile grass drags. Keep the updates coming love reading your stories.
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nice job dan
that skid elimanitor is thay one of ludick's skids or how ever you spell it
the orange skid?
i hooked to that skid last year in mora minnesota
and i didnt like it it was stopping the truck rilly hard around the 270-280 mark wich tore the heck out of that whole spot on the track wich suxed for the pullers that were pulling towrads the end
plus i broke a rear shaft and keeped it going for about 10ft and let off it slowly and the sjid still hit me messed up a box side :evil: i was tempted to have some words with the operation but i figured i better be nice just incase i hook to that skid again than i wount have to repaint my truck
sounds like shazam is running good
are you gonna make it to the shoot out pull in oseola?
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Well Luedtke's have 3 sleds that they use ... A yellow one and a silver or gray/Orange back half color one and then his new Red 007 sled. they all have there good and bad things about them .. I just log it in the book and prepare the best I can with each sled .

And Yes I'm finally having fun again this season...

"are you gonna make it to the shoot out pull in oseola?"
Well when is it and where about is it located in Minn.


The older I get the less I seem to know.
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Another great read! Just like being there, but without all the dust and dirt & stuff :lol:

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