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Pulling Season Reveiw

Hey Guys,

I just figured Iíd post how I did this year with the truck. The classes I run are stock classes and the basic rules are, all factory iron in and out, stock style valve train and carb. No slipper clutches and stock suspension. My truck is a 1987 Ford F-350. I run a 460 with new process 435 trans married to a 205-transfer case, Dana 60 front and 10.5 sterling rear, and 4.10 gears.

Memorial day weekend
After a very late night I got it loaded up and headed to Suring. The first class to I run in is 5500, at this point Iím way to tired to be nervous, but I made lots of changes going into this year, so I have no idea how its all going to go. I get up on the track and finish picking my line an I hook up to the sled, tighten up and wait for the flagman. I brought it up to 3500 and started letting the clutch out, all is good to this point so I rolled in the go pedal and sat back for the ride until the bounce started. So after lifting three or four times, I could actually stay in it, not happy with that ended up fourth. Next class up is 6000, maybe with more weight it will stay down and I can use all the motor instead of this on and off crap, no such luck. I never got it to the floor, but won the class anyway. So maybe the 38-hour day was worth it!
The next day is a double header Wabeno and Wausaukee.
First Wabeno. Different kind of sled and a sandy track. My first class to run is 6000, the different sled works in my favor and the truck runs flat, spins kinda fast for stock valve train but holds up to win by 15 feet or so. Next class is 5500, had a great run, but not everyone thought so. I got down to the end of the track and they had a very loose sand pit to stop the trucks. I didnít give it a second thought when I got there moved over a bit and put one side of the truck on the outside edge of the pit. The guy running the loader to level the track wanted to disqualify me cause I didnít stay in the center of the pit it wasnít marked and nobody said you had to stay in the center so I had to pull again. At this point Iím pretty hot! I came back around and didnít watch the tach as close as I should have, Got to the 285 mark and noticed a slight miss, Was too pissed off to lift, stayed in it and ran it out about five feet further than the first time, according to the flagman that put me in first by 25 feet plus. Got back to the trailer and hit the recall, 7500, woops that was too fast. Pulled the covers and found two broken rockers, no big deal, but have to be in Wausaukee in about an hour and a half. Too far from home to run and get some replacement rockers and make it in time. So I called up my buddy Kyle, my engine builder and asked him if he could bring me some.

Got to the track and Kyle was there with the parts. Got signed in and Kyle was working on the rockers already. Not too much to say bout this one only got one hook and it was on a short hook sled, truck needs work so it will run flat on a sled like this, ended up fourth.

Green Valley and Oconto
Made some change to the truck to hopefully get it to lay down. Got closer but still not there, canít use all the motor. Starting to think I made too many changes!!

Make even more changes!! Had a problem though, girlfriend got in a car accident. Had some friends get my truck there and off to the hospital I went to make sure things were good. My cousin ran it in 5500 for me got fourth. I got there just in time to run it in 6000, I got fourth as well. Truck ran flat but I didnít have my game on.

Think I got it figured out a somewhat. Ended up first in 6000 and third in 5500.

Francis Creek
Guess I have more work to do ended up second Friday and Saturday.

Equity and Shakey Lakes
Got in the pull off in 5500 ended up third by 0.300 of a foot. The sled broke in super stock so didnít get to run 6000.

Shakey Lakes had the best track they have ever had. I got greedy and turned down my first pull in 6000 and ended up 23 feet less than my first hook, took second. Regrouped and ran 5500 had a hook from hell and was the only truck to have a full pull!

Got there late so was scrambling a bit to get ready and check over the track. Take off from the line and notice something wrong, clutch not locking up! Went easy on it and it eventually got it to lock up enough t get it out the door and come around for the pull off. Came around for the pull off, backed the linkage off so it would just go in gear. It wasnít worth the effort cause the clutch wouldnít lock up at all, ended up third. Left in a hurry cause there was a pull tomorrow night in the same place. Roam around the shop and sort through all my spare parts and find a used clutch from last year and figure its got to be better than the one thatís in there. Used up a few favors and got it swapped out and got back there just in the nick of time to run and take second place. I get to thinking on the way to Denmark, just a few miles up the road, the truck seemed to hook better on this sled last year with a bunch less wheel speed than I have now. But Iím not going to change it cause there just arenít may hooks on this kind of sled anymore. Itís an old sled that has to be pulled back by a tractor, and pulls heavy from start to finish. I figure too much wheel speed and Iím just burning the tires off of it and not hooking to anything.

West Bend
I stopped in at the Pullers Inc. pull in Denmark to watch a few friends pull and found out about this one. My buddy Jack was going and said I could load up on this big trailer that he hauls two trucks on and go down there with him. When you go with Jack, you can plan on being late, thatís just the way it is. We got down there just in time to sign in and catch the end of the drivers meeting. The class that I was going to run in I didnít fit in so well. All the other trucks in the class were street driven, everyday trucks, not a purpose built, stock appearing pulling vehicles like mine. I think they knew I wasnít there for fun when I pulled on the scale weighing 6500 pounds right on the head due to the thirteen suitcase weight hanging in the back and my hitch set to twenty-six inches, fitting the few rules that they had right to a tee. I was the last to run so I watch all of the other trucks make fairly good passes for what they had. As I pull up to the sled I could see that I wasnít very popular at the moment. I got hooked up and left the line the same way I always do, broke the tires loose right from the start and rolled in it easy. I knew at the 75-foot mark that it was going to be a good run, as the tach was at 6500 and climbing fast. As I neared the flagman he turned around and started running for the end of the track. I stopped at 329 and change, 34 feet in front of second place! Oh yeah, this is gonna make me real popular with the local boys!! When it was all said and done I got credit for first but they paid the class like I wasnít there, but got a little on the side from one of the fellas that invited me down there. He said screw those guys, now they know what a real ďstockĒ truck can do!!

This one was about the same deal, going somewhere I wasnít really wanted! All went well but ended up second, the locals werenít so sore this way.

Not such a good turn out at this one, a serious lack of trucks. Ended up winning both my classes by several feet.

Equity Park
Canít have the entire season go by without one good scare. As I pass the 280-foot mark I notice a miss again, @#!*!!!, this is not good, as I t runs out of power an I push in the clutch, I notice no oil pressure! I turn off the key and get towed off the track, yank the covers off and find another broken rocker arm, the guide plate all bent up and the push rod out of place. Damn, now I got to pull the intake and get he lifter back in it. No way to do that at the track, so pull it up on the trailer and take last place in my next class. At least taking last place still let me win the points in that class!!

Well I made good runs but not enough to win ended up second and third place.

Last pull of the year for points in this club. Took second place in 5500 that put me in fourth place in points. Made a stupid mistake in 6000 and took fourth, which pushed me back to second place in points for the year. That one still stings a little!!

Back to the sled I canít figure out! I tried some thing a little different without much success, still ended up in second place.

This one is the last points pull for the Shoto club. We ended up having a different sled than normal that worked in my favor. The guy I have been taking second to all season donít have the stove to run on the bigger self-propelled sleds and I got him by 9 feet.

Green Valley
This pull was a last minute deal put together just for fun, no points for any club. They have an excellent track and a great place to have a pull but didnít have any luck with weather. It rained all day, but we pulled anyway. I ended up fourth in 5500 and first in 6000, put you canít put much stock in it because of the weather.

So all in all I think I had a good year. Made some new friends and pissed off the competition whenever I could.
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Nice write-up and congratulations! I'm trying to figure out who this is, so how about a name? Ben H? Jack P? or ?


Charlie Evans
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My name is Tony Kozub. I run he same clubs as Jack and Ben, but not the same classes.
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Sounds like you had a bucket load of fun. Wish we had pulls like that down here, because I would do that in a flash. :lol:

run what ya brung and hope you brung enough
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I know its not drag racing, but figured you guys would be interested. By my logs I have 40 hooks this year, is that about the same as what other guys are getting down south? Here is a picture in action, it was taken at the first pull at Green Valley Wisconsin. It looks slightly different now cause I did a bunch of spring work to get it to run flat on a short hook.

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