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    I see that you posted a picture of a mock up block, I am looking to purchase a used one and wondered if you were interested in selling yours ???
    Thanks Doug Wesler
    Beast ·
    Did you get my Pm's or email? I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but I can't get any confirmation that they have reached you.
    ford1man ·
    hello whats the converter stall set up to stall at i now it will stall differently at different torque levels and is shipping included with that 1300.00 price i live in the 97004 oregon
    bottomland4x4 ·
    if you go solid with it, then you need to go solid with the t case mounts as well. you dont want one end to be able to move and the other one rigid. you will notice some engine vibration with a solid mount. my truck runs one and along with the straight cut gears in the profab you feel a lot!
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