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  • 69mach428SCJ ·
    Hey im from nd do u ever bring your car to toppers? i know most people dont bring drag cars to car shows but wat the heck? i go every single year and it seems thers less and less fords and more and more gm crap
    darrin1999 ·
    sounds good :) i dont know where we would meet up that i could let my car sit for that long, but it would be nice to have someone to hang out with on the way down :) what would you be driving?
    ThndrChkn ·
    :D Hey Darrin... Aren't you from North Dakota...? Maybe we could meet somewhere if you decide to go to the Bash... I'm planning on going, but so far it looks like I may be going by myself if I do... I'm waiting to hear from some of my usual sponsors, as they said they would "possibly" pay for my fuel to get there and back... It's over 1800 miles each way for me, that's a long haul by onesself...:) The wife would like it better if I found a travel partner... If you're interested, LMK and we'll stay in touch as it gets closer...

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