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  • notch 501 ·
    over the winter i plan on doing some changes,cam ,suspention,trans brake i would like to ask questions every so often if thats allright.... motor is out of my mud truck 11.20 at 120mph ..thanks i should bracket race this thing its so consistant but theres a couple of chevy loud mouth guys ...you know that im talking about lol latter
    notch 501 ·
    hi my names phil[notch 501] i really like your 502 build .Can you tell me what head gaskets you used and what thickness. Thanks
    drumguy460 ·
    hey there how's it going. I really dig your car. I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers on my engine. It's a D1VE block with D3 heads. I'm gonna ditch the heads for Supercobrajets I think. I'm in the process (well just beginning) of building up my 81 stang for a street/strip car (pump gas). I am thinking about a scat 502 rotating assembly. Is that what you run? Also, what heads are you running. thanks for you help!
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