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  • fordlord ·
    Hi there have a question about your Torino from the beginning I remeber that you use mopar leaf spring was it the hole package or did you pick leafs from it and add to the Torino springs I have some tracktion issues with my Torino to soft driveshaft bounced into the tunnel at the rear but got a deal on a pro spring package from -72 charger and the messurements seem to work they have 5 and 6 leafs on them different from each side greatful for any info about it. The motor mount bolts work great . Thanks Melvin
    PACE545 ·
    Greg, Are you runnung 31 spline axles in your torino? I'm thinking about upgrading to the larger 35 spline axles to handle the torque of my 545 street/strip '73 Mach-1
    Smasher O'Brannan ·
    ahem......"cough"....thats "good luck with the 547"!........but its all good....514c.i. seems so diminitive and wimpy all of a sudden!...stay cool buddy!
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