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  • JSracing ·
    Stosh, if you know how to get ahold of Josh tell him his Dominator and Intake are still here but I need to hear from him SOON!
    JSracing ·
    Stosh, yes I did and I sent you two emails I wonder if your emails are going to a spam folder? anyway I got it. I'll post some pics of it on the engine later this week. it's been wild around here lately. BTW the plate is PERFECT, I just need to get some frame mesurments. Thanks ! JS
    gvos ·
    HI JS, I finally have the pictures ready to go. Shoot me your email and I'll send them over. Sorry, have 2 kids under 3 and my nights are sometimes crazy.

    Thanks Glenn 972-979-7129
    [email protected]
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