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  • ag460torino ·
    never been to any canton swap meets but used to do canfields all the time. I'm minutes from canfield and quaker city drags. All the matters is that you have fun with it!!!! Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks :) I have 3 different toys and the worst of the pack is a 68 GTO, all original sheet metal but has seen some miles. It's a 50 footer and is still a blast to drive. And I don't have to worry about a scratch here ot there, lol
    mike in ohio ·
    Yeah you are pretty close, I live 7 miles from the Hall of Fame and I stay the hell out of town that weekend. Have heard of the Dusty Armadillo, never been there. My Torino has been sitting so long it might be beyond my abilities to bring it back to life at this point, but I have had it since 1987 and just keep hanging on to it. I would like to keep the small block and put in a 5 or 6 speed in place of the auto.

    Do you usually hit the swap meets at canton and canfield? We have a gang from another forum that gets together for them although I am gonna miss the spring Canton swap meet next year.
    ag460torino ·
    Berlin Center. 20 miles SW of Youngstown and right across the river from Lake Milton. Canton isn't far at all. I go there with my friends for First Friday and the football hall of fame week where they do the big fireworks show on the first night. They live just outside of Canton. We are practically neighbors!!!! LOL Have you hear of the Dusty Armadillo?? I went there last winter for something to do. Then I spent all summer working on the car and will be putting a lot of time in this winter swapping the 466 for the 510 and changing everything over to alcohol.... and a lot more.

    But hey, you really are not that far away so if you ever need a hand working on your car or anything, give me a holler. I got too much time on my hands and use any excuse I can to get out of the house!!!!! LOL

    Take it easy and if you ever need anything just give me a call.... 330-997-0968

    Talk to ya later,
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