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  • MrScharfenberger ·
    I never really check this page and just saw there was a lot of messages that I never saw. If you want to talk send a P.M. I get an eMail notificaiton when that happens. I never really knew to look here for messages. Sorry...
    Volz 429 ·
    Would you take $625 for the headers and motor plate shipped? If so, I will send PayPal. I bought a set of Ford racing valve covers from you last year..
    77highboy460 ·

    I just sent a message to Rob Hawes as well, It has been ages since I have been on. I have been adjusting and dealing with the retirement and such and the transition into normal life and crazy stuff. I have missed chatting with you, hope all is good!

    ag460torino ·
    managed to get the sound part of the start up posted. I'm working on it again today and hope to be running it again. I have to run up town first, then back to tuning and wiring....

    Hope all is going good your way......... Auggie
    jkcamperspecial ·
    hows it goin jon here .i sent you a email but not sure if it went through?i had question on were did you end up with torque specs on your mainstuds?this site is great but at times makes a guy second guess everything he knows!lol!this is for my new 545 its been line bored for oversize bearings crank was fat...ive done two engines with arp studs and lube @95ftlbs and this one i cranked it up to 105ftlbs....most guys say 95 to 110 so i picked the sweet spot i guess???just wondering your real world thoughts thanks jon!
    jkcamperspecial ·
    nice vids!man the dent sides must be a good 400/500lbs heavier than the 67/72 bumpsides most 2wdr bumps seem to be 3800ish with a FE stock.ive got mine lightened up a bunch between 60s style holesawing plasma cutting an just gutting it bench,heater,radio,heater controls, speakers, holesawing doors, cab inner rear panel ,boxfloor an sides ahead of wheels only of course. put a 22gal. cell between frame rails behind axle for ballast havent scaled it like this yet (winter mods)but im prayin for around 3500lbs.nothins stock under hood was thinkin of its diet during the build. race radiator,meziere elec.pump elec.fan,a 2.9hp mini starter ect. hope it all counts!lol! if u saw my engine basic specs not sure put em on my album its also got a tci 3800 stall an 4.56s im praying it'll run 10.9999999999 1 time an ill be happy!!lol!this is my first bbf build love it so far!!ive always done GM B.O.P's 455's an such.really a different kind of power here.!
    RStevens ·
    The trans was built by a local guy Brad Turbyfill, I do machine work for him from time to time. He has always built his own transmissions and he runs a blown alcohol altered. I've never had any problems with it but it has been sitting for along time. I can't see there being anything wrong it, hell, if it would have bolted up to a ford I would have used it. Almost forgot, it does have the standard shift pattern.
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