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  • JohnSwenson ·
    I am starting to accumlate parts for a PG swithover later in the year. Did you use the JW Wheel, or do you like some other flex plate? Did you use a forward shift pattern or reverse?
    tonyj202b ·
    Hey Jon haven't talked to ya in a while. I am having trouble with ny 7.3 powerstroke tranny. It quit pulling in forward but had reverse on me a couple of months ago. Pulled it out took it to a trans guy he couldn't find any thing wrong with it. Put it back in and it worked fine up until today. Was driving down a rough road and it just quit pulling. No forward or reverse gears. Pulled the pan and it is clean. Got any ideas?
    pipedobber ·
    Jon, I would like to visit with you sometime. I'm trying to plan a new engine build for my mud truck. Would like to get some opinions from you as you build some bad *** stuff. If you wouldn't mind, Thanks, Chris
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