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  • FrankGRUN ·

    I have a 1982 Ford E350 Born Free Motorhome. You recurved the distributor, and offered advice about MPG mods. I added an Edelbrock 1411 carb and Performer Intake, upgraded spark plug wires, used Iridium plugs and redid the exhaust to full3" in and out of highflow muffler. At 55 mph (GPS actual) and on the cruise control running around the LA basin on the freeways, I'm getting 10.5 mpg at 2750 rpm measured by aftermarket tach. This has a C6 transmission, gearvendors overdrive and a 4.56 rear with 8.75-16.5 tires and the running weight is 11,000 pounds. I'm now going to chang out the cam timing set with a Cloyes dualroller set. My question is: how much timing advance can I add to this engine without damage the valves or reducing mileage. I intend to at least advance 4 degrees, but the timing set will permit up to 8 degrees advanced in 2 degree increments.

    Thanks for the help,

    Frank Grunthaner
    mudracer1 ·
    Hey Scotty I got some cores today for the set of D0VE's we talked about the other day. I got a pair of D0VE-A for my cores. I also talked to Dave McClain about putting my short block together he is supposed to let me know a price this week so hopefully I can get the ball rolling with him pretty soon so I can order those heads from you. Thanks Dustin
    manderson17 ·
    i am in the market for a cam for my 460. i am going to run the truck in a stock class mud bog and the rules state that it has to pull 15" vacuum at 800 rpm. i need you to let me know what other info you need from me ie carb intake and any motor info or truck info you need to get right cam. thank you, mike
    D-Rail ·
    Scott, my name is Daryl MacArthur, I'm 54 yrold retires NAVY a/c mechanic. I have built many a small block but am definetly in LOVE with my 429. You are obviously the "MAN" when it comes to porting. I'm curious about how much mignt be gained from a set of DOVE-C heads by a novice like me. Ive hogged out small block heads to see what I could accomplish without finding water jackets, even maaanaged to find a few of those. They are cheap and plentyfull. I dont want to risk the heads I have now and I was wondering if you addresed these heads specificly if I subscribe to your site
    NO FAIR ·
    Hi Scott,
    I have a question for you, I have a set of aluminum kaase scj frpp heads. What would take it to make them flow dollar wise to an out of the box P-51's??? Or is it more economical to sell these and buy the P-51's.
    1951ford ·
    Hey wondering what ur thoughts were on that 514kit chuck has for sale. I have a set of dove c heads with the cj valves with these heads ported and an 850cfm any hp guess with that kit and ur custom grind cam for that kit
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