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  • J. Shelfo ·
    Hi, My name is Joe Shelfo Sr. As I looked at Allen La Porte's post on his engine build, I noticed that you and I are building similar engines. My son and I are boat racers (drag hydro). I am also doing a 665 with hemi heads. My heads are the older AR-441. They were originally done by Kaase years ago for nitrous application. They have many war wounds, Lots of weld repairs and modifications. I have run these heads before on a 600 inch engine and they ran very strong, with out any water leaks. I just hate putting old heads on a new short block. I have talked to Carrol Carter about his heads. Just undecided at this time. Any way, how do you like his rocker arm set-up? I have never seen his rockers. What do you think about them? Thanks Joe
    Whats going on with ya? I've been busy as hell, cant seem to get over your way. Maybe it will happen before you finish the car, anyway if you and Rick go to any of the tracks near by let me know.
    BuddyThomas ·
    What have you been up too? We have two 4.70 races in March. Just have to clean car and mount a new set of tires. I work sat night 12 hours we stop almost 40 cars wrote 27 tickets and 3 DUI'S we were very busy.
    BBFmavrick ·
    Chris,Do you still have the link on the 9" rear housing ID's.If you run on too it will you post it to me?
    Thanks Rick
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