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Got the car in 2004 as a 6 cly 170ci. Went to two Car Craft shows. Then cut it up, as they say. Started out to be a small block bracket car, but went over board with the chassis. The car was mocked up with the small block, but the 351W was not complete, needed all internel parts. Then in 08 I think, not sure without looking, I found a great deal on a 484, (460 truck block), that was reworked into a 600hp on the motor, 800hp with a 200 shot- NOS monster. Got the deal of the century. Cost a few bucks to go from a smally to the BBF, but worth it. Now as of 2015, the drive train is done, working on assembling the rest of the body parts and gathering cash to do the wiring. Man, parts are expensive.... hopefully soon.
1964 Mercury 202 (Peacock)


484 bbf, 4 bolt caps, 429 Crower steel crank, oil restrictor kit, venolia flat top pistons, Manley 6.7 alum rods, E-615 roller cam. 7/16 rocker studs, 3/8 CJ guide plates, 8.6 pushrods, 1.73 stud rockers. Bluethunder Stage 3 CJ heads, 2.3 intake, 1.8 ex. I do have NOS dual spray bar plate, Victor intake matched with heads plumbed for pro fogger system all done by NOS but never used. 1250 Dom carb. Canton pan, MSD billet distrib, pro power coil. 12.5:1 comp. C16 race gas.

Trans is a special built Brad Backland 1.83 2sp powerglide. 5900 stall conv.

Driveshaft ordered is a 4 inch chromoly one piece. 1350 joints.
Chromoly tube chassis, all that's left from the car is the floor boards just under the two seats, and the two front frame rails. All alum tubs and interior. Race seats, 5 point harness, window net. Hurst Slapstick reversed pattern shifter.
Removed 3 spears on the front fenders, and the long spears on the rear quarters, which a friend in Nice, France bought for his Comet, and did not alter the wheelbase. 10 foot paint job, orignal color.
None, the sound of horsepower will be my music.... O, maybe the passenger, he or she will be very intertained.
Front in a Mustang II, with massaged spring towers swiched to QA1 coilovers, 2 way adj, and the back is a custom made 4-link by TnT Race Shop, with whisbone, special panhard bar, and QA1 coilovers.
Wheel and Tire
15 x 4.5 skinny's in front, 15 x 13.5w x 32 tall Hoosier's in back.



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