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Thunderbird SC
Super Coupe, 5 Spd.
Bought her in 1995. Was looking for a truck at Cutter Ford on Oahu. Having had a '90 SC with AOD when we first went to the island we new we liked that type of car. My wife found it in the lower lot. She had 35k on the clock, supercharged 3.8V6 AND a manual transmission. Somewhere around 2005 started having cooling issues. Got an all alum. radiator for it-had to make a new fan shroud/mount. Then, I had issues with syncro's. Bought my wife an H2, put the car in the garage. Had originally planned to rebuild the engine and transmission, but didn't have the scratch to do both. Then couldn't find someone near to rebuild the Mazda M5R2 transmission.
Found a remanufactored LS1 T56 6 speed. Started to get everything together, and had to go on a road job for the summer. Came back, found an SC same year but with an auto in NJ with newer reman engine and AOD. Figured I'd put the engine in the manual car with the 6 speed and hot rod the AOD car. . . . . Until I started pulling the AOD car apart. It is amazing what those plastic panels can hide!
Saw a thread on another site where a guy put a 460 in an SC. SEED PLANTED! Life issues have taken their toll on funds and time. But, I am still working as much as I can budget time and money to move forward on this build.
1993 Ford Thunderbird SC (Black)


EFI w/EDIS-8 385 series, displacement as yet tbd. Borg-Warner T56 LS1 input and output shafts and gearing, Viper/Retro clutch housing (uses Ford/Viper slaves), McLeod BBF/T56 bell housing. GM pilot bearing with custom sleeve to fit the ford crank hub. 1/2" bh spacer, 0.4" slave spacer. Custom BBF flywheel with 12" GM bolt pattern, pressure plate and clutch.
Factory black carpet and leather seats (6 way)
Rear spoiler.
Old Sony eXplode radio/cd with 10 disk cd changer in trunk.
..and brakes:
Have but not installed yet.FRONT- 13" rotors, 2000 'Stang SVT Dual piston calipers, SS brake lines (all around), larger rear discs and caliper offset kit. Upgraded sway bars and poly bushings.
Wheel and Tire
Will need minimum 17" wheels to handle the big rotors on front. Most likely 245/45/17 to keep near the original OD of 26.6"



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