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Burnt Orange with Brown top and interior
I bought it several years ago from a kid who didn't know how to turn wrenches and had made a mess of changing the water pump before giving up and putting it in a shop which he couldn't afford to pay. I talked him down from $1,000 to $750 even though I desperately needed another car my hand controls would swap into since my '77 had given up the ghost.

I wrenched on it fairly steadily for a month or so, swapping my lifetime parts over onto it as needed to get it mechanically sound. While turning wrenches I put my tow hitch onto it. Then put my air shocks onto it to raise the rear end enough to be able to tow my '79 T-Camper.

Next I spent a week deoxidizing her by hand which took her from looking like a brown turd to a burnt orange stone. Then I spent another week waxing her and cleaning/polishing her chrome until she looked like a pretty little gem. (to me at least and she does get compliments hail damage not withstanding) In fact, after I was finished a few people asked me if I had gotten her painted. Dramatic difference.

She was a good car for several years with the occasional attention seeking episodes like a starter, water pump, timing chain, distributor, random hose explosion, and the radiator/trans. cooler malfunction which mixed her fluids. Then about a year ago she jumped time. I began with the most likely cause, the timing chain, then changed the distributor when it still wasn't right, and finally put it in the shop to be timed when I just couldn't seem to get it. A few days later they called to tell me it was going to cost something like $1,899 to fix it. Turned out the cam shaft gear had rounded and that was letting it jump time. They charged me in the neighborhood of $200 for stabbing the distributor and setting the timing a couple of times, and then changing the plugs the suspected were fouled before realizing what the problem was. "Drop your wrenches! Don't touch anything else!"

Since then she has been a lawn ornament for financial reasons. I couldn't decide if I wanted to rebuild the 351m that's in it now or get another engine, neither of which I could afford because of other things going on. (Life basically)

I was recently asked if I knew anyone who would be interested in an RV, "No, not really..." which has a complete running and driving 460. Record scratch noise in my head. "Wait, did you say Ford 460?" *LIGHTBULB*

... and now I'm here. Researching a possible transplant.
1978 Ford Thunderbird (Burnt Orange with Brown top and interior)


Stock 351m with a rounded down cam shaft gear
I don't have any pictures of the interior at the moment. She's pretty basic but I love her anyway.
*growls* Dent in driver's fender added by my son who was trying to use the hand controls instead of the pedals. I'd forgotten that I swapped out the bumpers which were straight chrome for a set off of my son's '78 Diamond Jubilee parts car which have the black trim and push guards.

I bought a set of tail light lenses with the chrome bird and changed them out. I bought a set of spoke hub caps off of eBay and put them on. I also added the chrome Thunderbird on the trunk.
Not lately. :P
Stock with the exception of air shocks to raise it high enough to be able to hook on the tow bar of the T-Camper.
Wheel and Tire
Basic P235 75R15s mounted on stock rims with spoke hubcaps.



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