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brougham, hideaways, GT hood, was vinyl top
was from fontana california where the 351C 4v was redone with trans. brought to tinley park, IL and painted 77 t bird gold laquer and new white vinyl top put on by dudes brother. it was inside bob's shop since i was a kid and my dad was friends with him. 6 years later i worked a couple years at his bodyshop and it was sitting outside for 8 years at that point. i bought it got the motor dialed back in and got engine goodies. it was running great, until i acquired a 71 460/c6 from a lincoln. a guy in jersey offered me $1300 for my cleve and trans, sold that. been putting the 460 together slowly since.
1970 Ford Torino (Gold)


*460 .30 over, 466 flat top forged pistons, arp bolts, reconditioned stock rods, cleaned honed, oil mods
*revamped D3's-valve job, retainers, springs, etc
*Howards Cams roller rockers, w adjustable pedestal conversion kit
*hardened push rods
*stealth intake
*lincoln mark electric fans
*comp cams magnum 244, .585 lift
*holley 850 double pump
*hooker 6115 sup comps
* lokar cables and trans kickdown
*msd pro billet dist, msd 6AL in glove box
*jet blacked w Imron gloss paint highly recommended coating
*holley blue/ 22gal fuel cell
spotless floors and pans, everything else needs to be restuffed, revinyled, etc......you can sit down and drive it though!
the paint looked like aligator skin so i got it down to almost bare metal, sealed it, welded trim holes and ground studs off for side trim. welded vinyl top trim holes because all it did was collect moisture and rust before. blocked it out for hundreds of hours, and painted it with a PPG 1977 med gold poly basecoat clearcoat. now am getting it back together and still have to modify hood.
radio and the music of that mean motor, currently empty holes!
3 way adjustable drag shocks, leafs strapped. maybe cal tracks and mono leaf eventually gotta get some miles on it and see its behavior
Wheel and Tire
ugg, the 14's with bfg radial TA's. another future expensive change.

"pizza cutters" to quote mathew mchounehey in Dazed and Confused



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