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XJ6 4x4
Bought an 84 F250 4x4 for $100. Scrapped the crap body. Looked desperately tried to find an LTD station wagon or a Montego or something cool to put on the frame but found nothing cheap.
1984 Jaguar XJ6 4x4


70's 460. Basically stock- D1VE block and D3VE heads. Edelbrock 460 intake, Edellbrock 750 carb, Chevy HEI distributor with clear cap and rotor, headers and Weld single 3" exhaust.
Most of it missing when I bought the car and it is still that way! A lot of home made parts instead of the pricey Jag parts. Lumina seats. The biggest feat is one you can't "see". I engineered the stock shifter to accept a B&M shifter cable. But it goes on the wrong side of the pivot so shift pattern was backwards. So I made a custom tranny bracket so that the cable goes to the tranny backwards so my shift pattern is correct. Or double wrong... you decide.
Custom rear bumper kinda styled after the 60's pickups that extends to the wheel wells. Inset tail lights. Vanity plate that reads "MUD JAGGER" in the stock license plate location with regular license plate on the bumper. Around the license plate it says, "My other car is a Prius"... which it actually is! I cut the front fenders and made a tilt nose also.
Gas pedal.
Stock 84 F250. DANA 50 front, Sterling limited slip rear, 4.10 gears.
Wheel and Tire
37 inch Military. The poor traction but heavy load rated ones. I intend to pull car trailers with it for up to 100 mile stretches and these tires were the cheapest biggest ones I could afford that wouldn't wear out in 100 miles!



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