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General Information

gonna be black w/red metalflake...
got this ride.a driving model..but not much more...had a 351 w in it that wouldnt get out its own way...windshield wipers worked by a wire grounded to the underside of the dash...the power plant going in it is a 472 bigblock..with a c/6 3000stall 4:33 gears.31x18.5 street tires from m/t..still long way to go..but im on my way...
1979 Ford thunderbird (gonna be black w/red metalflake...)


472 cube ford bigblock.. running on e-85 with a 10.5 :1 compression ratio...blower will go on later...with a max 5-7 lbs of boost...right now a tunnelram with 2 650 carbs..a muther thumper cam...aluminum heads also to go on later..after break in...
interior is simple...one hell of a roll cage built by ken snyder in cherokee ks...he did all the metal work..fit and finish is second to none..plus all the extra work he did....again ..thanks ken..update03/10/13 putting a custom dash in..to give it a more racecar kinda look....will have pics as soon as possable...
not a whole lot done on the outside...yet...gonna remove some of the chrome mostly along the bottom of the car..may keep the half vynal top just change the color to red....or just remove it and paint it all black..
a simple sound system is goin in ...with 2- 10 inch subs and 6x9s nothing off the charts...but ill be able to hear it over the blower and drive train noises...
front is all stock rebuilt with the addition of lakewood 90/10 shocks...

rear is a back half jegs kit ladderbar setup with q1a ajustable shocks...4;33 gears and a full spool
Wheel and Tire
wheels are gonna be welds rodlites or the new street runners with black centers..radial skinnies up front with the radial m/t out back...31x18.5..update..not putting the skinnies on the front...going with the 28x10s on a 7 inch wheel...too much car to stop on those skinnies...



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