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  1. Engine Tech
    How do I get the best towing capacity? I have an '85 F350 DRW Reg Cab with the long wheel base. It's got all stock 460, 4 speed, with 4.10 gears in a HD Sterling. Without changing the base 460, the 4 speed, or the gears, how do I get to my max towing capacity? Also, anyone got doors or...
  2. Engine Tech
    I got my hands on a '85 F350 Regular Cab Long Bed Dually with a 460 and 4 speed, "if you get it to run its yours" sort of deal. It took a starter, starter solenoid, and battery and it was mine. So my question is this, I want to make this my hauler (I own cattle) but she screams like a banshee...
1-2 of 2 Results