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  1. Engine Tech
    New car mechanic here learning the ropes (and hard lessons about organizing components and laying them out to put back properly). A mechanic friend of mine said I could use a new water pump on my 94 e-350 460 engine and he urged I could handle it no problem myself. I decided to go ahead and to...
  2. General Tech
    I am at a loss of what could have caused this. I have a 1977 Ford e-350 cutaway (RV). What happen was that I was traveling on i5 and at random my vehicle had low oil pressure, next thing I know my engine is jerking hard and my belt snaps (46 inch belt) and I pull over after hearing a huge boom...
  3. Engine Tech
    Hey everyone. I recently bought a 1986 Ford F-250 460 big block. I want to start fixing up the engine and giving it a little more balls. It runs great right now. What would everyone recommend I start with ? Thanks !!
  4. The Auction Block
    Good Evening 460 fans! I’m looking for an “as close too original possible” 460 block. Was working on a simple restore of my D1VE and found a big crack as you may have seen in my other forum post. I’m restoring it for a daily driver 1976 f-250. Street use only, no race. If possible stock bore...
1-4 of 4 Results