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  1. Different size crankshaft diameter

    Engine Tech
    Doing an engine swap on a 1988 429 4v out of a b700 bus that is blown and the harmonic balancer of the 429 is bigger diameter and has 3 bolt pattern for the accessory pulleys. The engine we are putting in is a 1995 460 we need either a harmonic balancer with a 3 bolt pattern that fits on the...
  2. F-700 370 to 460 Swap

    Engine Tech
    Hi....... New to forum and hoping for awesome advice !! Bought a 1977 F-700 Ford dump truck...GVWR 25,500 pounds/11,200 pounds empty. Has a rebuilt 370 4V engine with governed carburetor and it is anemic on the hills in Colorado with a full load. Think that it has an NP 542FL five-speed...