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  1. The Auction Block
    Selling the following parts together, I do not want to separate. I had bought for a project but decided to go a different direction. Blue Thunder IM-429-8V high rise aluminum intake manifold (2) Holley 750 cfm plates carbs both 3310-2 models. no choke Blue Thunder air cleaner assembly with...
    $1,200 USD
  2. Engine Tech
    I recently got a an old F-250 with a 460 and it ran amazing when I first got it. It only has 126,000 miles. Suddenly after taking it to my familys place around 250 something miles away it wouldn't stay running and was knocking something awful. We narrowed it down to the lifters and had them...
  3. Engine Tech
    Hello everyone, this is my first post. Looking for a cam for my stock 86’ block. Going to put Ported D3 heads on it. I’m looking at a Howard’s cam and want to know if it’ll work with my setup. Looking for good torque and hp in the low-mid range without doing work to the heads besides porting...
  4. Race Talk
    I was starting to look at building a s10 with a big block but know matter how much more popular the bbc is im a ford guy at heart and just cant bring myself to build one. I was looking at the ford ranger but the 460 doesnt seem to fit very well in it. So is it possible to get the 460 in the...
  5. The Auction Block
    1992 Ford F-250 · Truck · Driven 143,300 miles I’ve been at this build for 4 or 5 years and it has run its course. I have lots of uninstalled extras that go with sale. I’m switching gears to a Suburban 2500 which is more family friend as my hobby vehicle. This has a new Parkland Auto Machine...
    $10,000 USD
  6. Sold 460 and c6

    The Auction Block
    460 and c6 I got for my 68 Ford. I changed directions and no longer need these. I was told it is a working combo but cannot confirm because I never ran either. 460 block number is DIVE-6015-A2B. Heads are C8VE. Has Edelbrock performer intake. Transmission is set up for 4wd.
    $500 USD
  7. Engine Tech
    Hey guys I just got a ‘76 f250 with a 460 engine and I was doing some work when I saw there’s what looks like a missing bolt in the engine. Can anyone help me identify this size? A friend told me that socket is meant to be empty but that Doesn’t seem right. Attaching photos.
  8. Engine Tech
    I have a 1992 f250,m 2wd with a 460 In it. Is there anyway I could get a list of exactly what I would need to obtain 400hp at the wheels while keeping the SD system in place. No electrical modifications. Is porting absolutely necessary? Is there anyway around this? Any additional info you need...
  9. Engine Tech
    I'll start by saying sorry for my ignorance and I hope this is in the right place. I recently swapped heads to Edelbrock performers and got roller tip rockers. I am trying to check proper pushrod length, I have a pushrod checker and I tried the wipe method first with a marker and I get the...
  10. Engine Tech
    Hey guys I'm new to the forums and I had a problem with the fresh build on my 460. I was in the middle of moving out of my house that I had been in for the last decade and also rebuilding the 460 in my 89 f250. The plan was to drive it from Reno to Houston but let's just say things didn't quite...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Good morning/afternoon all, Got myself a 90' 460 cclb that I've had for a couple months but will soon have to do a rebuild (i think). Hopefully it isn't too bad, but if you guys are willing, and I have the time, maybe anther one of these beasts can be saved:ROFLMAO: SYOTOS!
  12. Engine Tech
    I’m new to here and newish to building engines so I recently got my 460 all rebuilt and bored to a 466 the engine block came from a 95 f350 and the cylinder heads are d3va. I just installed the Comp cams high energy kit with a lift of .494 and duration of 268. I am wanting to make this engine a...
  13. Engine Tech
    Hi 460 Community! This is my first post! I have an 89 F250 w/ 460 EFI & ZF5 Speed Manual - I bought it a week ago; owner said it had not run in 3 years. He claimed the mechanic told him that the cylinders were losing compression. I tested all Cylinders and I am getting 125 + or - 5 on each...
  14. 1996 460 Project Motorhome Help

    Bought this motorhome as a 460 educational project. I want to learn everything about this motor, and how it runs.
  15. The Auction Block
    Thinning out a bit of stuff. Brand new, never used, set of Ford 460 rods-- D6VE Been sitting on my shelf and a couple of them have a slight bit of surface rust, but no damage anywhere. Clean em up and run them. Was asking $160. delivered to your door in the lower 48. Now asking $120.00. Located...
  16. Engine Tech
    One day on the way home from work my truck started bucking and died and never started back up. Turned out to be the injectors not getting ground from the EEC. I threw in a new EEC and now it starts up fine, but it won't idle right. it runs a little bit better with the spout connector unplugged...
  17. Engine Tech
    Hello all, new here and pretty new to big blocks. First things first, I know I’m gonna get ripped for using the Thumpr cam. It’s a poser cam, it’s just for sound, it doesn’t make power until upper rpms, other cams or custom grind would be better, etc etc. I’ve heard it all and it isn’t going to...
  18. General Tech
    First I have 86 GT started to install the 460 found the exhaust hits on right fire wall and the left collector flange hits the floor, the car has a qa1 cross member and control arms with coil over kit. The swap kit I purchased was from jegs. I did beat the fire wall in a little and the left...
  19. Engine Tech
    Hey guys my 89 f350 with the 460 has an issue, usually it runs really well, but after idle for 15 mins, I put my foot down hard and the engine just fell on its face, no power barely accelerating, fuel filter is changed, regulator is changed, fuel psi is about 30 at idle gets up to about 36, does...
  20. Car Buildup Forum
    What are the best recommendations for rebuilding a 1996 460
1-20 of 24 Results