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  1. Stock 460 With Thumpr Cam

    Engine Tech
    Hello all, new here and pretty new to big blocks. First things first, I know I’m gonna get ripped for using the Thumpr cam. It’s a poser cam, it’s just for sound, it doesn’t make power until upper rpms, other cams or custom grind would be better, etc etc. I’ve heard it all and it isn’t going to...
  2. 460 swap issues

    General Tech
    First I have 86 GT started to install the 460 found the exhaust hits on right fire wall and the left collector flange hits the floor, the car has a qa1 cross member and control arms with coil over kit. The swap kit I purchased was from jegs. I did beat the fire wall in a little and the left...
  3. 460 engine falls flat on its face during hard acceleration when warm.

    Engine Tech
    Hey guys my 89 f350 with the 460 has an issue, usually it runs really well, but after idle for 15 mins, I put my foot down hard and the engine just fell on its face, no power barely accelerating, fuel filter is changed, regulator is changed, fuel psi is about 30 at idle gets up to about 36, does...
  4. 1996 F250 460 Build

    Car Buildup Forum
    What are the best recommendations for rebuilding a 1996 460
  5. Advice on build please

    Engine Tech
    I’m new here so bare with me. I own a 1976 Ford Elite with a stock 460 I’m thinking about stroking the engine to 545ci using a kit from Coast High Performance. 9.3:1 compression with 100cc heads. I would like to throw 2 small turbos on so I have power when I want it, but is also reliable to...
  6. Lincoln 462 MEL to 460 Ford Swap Help

    General Tech
    Hello all first post here. I have a 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible. Looking to change up the power plant as not only is the 462 tired, but parts and upgrades and more or less non-existent. I believe it was either 1967 or 68 that they switched the car over to the 460. From my understanding...
  7. 1993 F250 4x4 Extended Cab

    The Auction Block
    1993 F250 4x4 Extended Cab 4 speed manual 460 Fuel Injected 8 foot bed In need of clutch and power steering pump Great truck with in need of some TLC or great parts truck Sandy, Utah $1200
  8. New From Iowa 1977 Marquis Brougham 460/C6

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. Just bought my Marquis and have started the process of restoring it. As my name suggests I’m quite young (just turned 20), and a lot the old tech is quite foreign to me. So I guess I’ll start with some basic questions and general goals for the build. I’m looking to build up the...