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  1. Engine Build Archive
    I am looking for suggestions on a hydraulic roller camshaft for my 429 build. I am new to the engine building scene so I don’t have a great understanding of the numbers involved with choosing the right camshaft. I plan to use a set of Edelbrock Performer RPM heads #61645, along with a Edelbrock...
  2. The Auction Block
    New in box Comp cam solid roller camshaft. Jon Kaase grind. JKR-K1 $300 firm includes Shipping Text Dale 928-277-3028 Also have new in box crowder solid roller lifters 66217-16 for $500 firm. Both for $750 includes shipping.
    $300 USD
  3. Engine Tech
    Anyone out there have an old crane cam book? I have a cam with the following numbers and am looking for the specs on it. HIT-282-2A-NC with 35-17-88 also stamped on it. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Engine Tech
    I’m installing a Comp Cam CL34-227-4 High Energy with hydraulic flat tappet lifters. Summit specs say that aftermarket valve springs are required for optimal performance, but many people I know as well as some reviews say that the stock springs worked for them. I’m wondering whether or not I...
  5. Engine Tech
    Hello. In about a week i’m going to be picking up an obs f250 with a 460 and a zf5. i’m looking to eventually cam the motor with a comp cams thumpr cam. i was wondering what are some good valve springs to use, if i should get some different push rods, and if it’s worth getting the thumpr cam kit...
  6. Engine Tech
    I have a 1986 f250 460 it has a holley sniper tbi with the holley hyperpark ignition and distributor it has flowtech headers no smog pumps or egr weiend stealth intake manifold and top dead center timing gears it was running great but I decided to swap the cam out for a little more power I...
  7. Engine Tech
    Hello all, new here and pretty new to big blocks. First things first, I know I’m gonna get ripped for using the Thumpr cam. It’s a poser cam, it’s just for sound, it doesn’t make power until upper rpms, other cams or custom grind would be better, etc etc. I’ve heard it all and it isn’t going to...
  8. Engine Tech
    Hey gang, This is my first post here on 460ford so please feel free to coach me as to whether or not I posted this in the right place or made any other forum etiquette errors. My truck is a 1997 F250HD with a brand new (reman) Ford 460 long block. I bought the engine in May 2019 while I was...
1-8 of 8 Results