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  1. Engine Tech
    Hello, I was wondering if this damage is repairable by just work with a dremel to smooth things out or if I need to go another direction for it? I did not cause the damage, they are pictures from a used head. Thank you for the advice!
  2. The Auction Block
    I have a new set of Trick Flow A-460 cylinder heads for sale. They are bare castings. I bought these a few months ago off Ebay. I paid 2091.00 for these shipped. I would like to get my money back out of these, but I'm open to reasonable offers. My cell is 405-921-6008 call or text me...
    $2,000 USD
  3. Engine Tech
    Hi, first time posting, been reading on this site for a few years now. I have I set of c9ve heads I'll be putting on a 1985 460 block. Curious if they seem repairable or should I stick with the D3 heads that were on the engine that were in better shape? Going into a 1979 f250 4x4, just an...
  4. General Tech
    Hey hey. Im new here and im looking for some awnsers :) I have a 1970 mercury marquis with ford 429 engine. Its curently at a friend for restoration/renovation. I have renovated cylinder heads that will be replacing the old ones. The new ones is called c9ve-a, and the ones that was on the...
  5. General Race Tech
    Happy Thanksgiving all. So I am building a 460, got a ATK short block, and I got my hands on some speedmaster aluminum cylinder heads. Has anyone ran these heads? Will it bolt up with a stock configuration? What I'm basically asking am I gonna slam a valve into my piston or is there enough...
1-5 of 5 Results