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  1. Engine Tech
    Hey guys I'm new to the forums and I had a problem with the fresh build on my 460. I was in the middle of moving out of my house that I had been in for the last decade and also rebuilding the 460 in my 89 f250. The plan was to drive it from Reno to Houston but let's just say things didn't quite...
  2. Engine Tech
    I need help with some problems with the build idea I'm tooling around with. I've got a 97 F250 with the stock speed density computer system. before I go spending time and money with mods to make the engine flow more air/fuel I need to know what to do with the EFI system so it will keep up with...
  3. Engine Tech
    Finishing building my 1994 EFI, to go in my 67 F-240 4x4. Thing is stock, save for a mild Comp Cam. Decided to control it with a Terminator X, instead of working with the EEC -IV. I have plenty of experience tuning the EEC -IV, but old computer, wiring, sensors, etc... got me to just...
  4. Engine Tech
    The 385 series now has a good number of options for the top end (heads, intake manifolds, carbs, even EFI) in the building of a street/strip vehicle. These could be combined into three categories: 1) best combo available at any price 2) most economical combo 3) most cost-effective (biggest bang...
  5. Car Buildup Forum
    What are the best recommendations for rebuilding a 1996 460
1-5 of 5 Results