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  1. Engine Tech
    I have a '93 ford F250 460 4x4. It's had quite a bit of work done. It has less than 10k on a remanufactured 460 with stage 1 cam, and heavier valve springs. I put a banks power pack - so a banks cold air high flow air intake tubes and filter, headers, and full 3 inch banks exhaust with no cat-...
  2. Engine Tech
    Hey guys my 89 f350 with the 460 has an issue, usually it runs really well, but after idle for 15 mins, I put my foot down hard and the engine just fell on its face, no power barely accelerating, fuel filter is changed, regulator is changed, fuel psi is about 30 at idle gets up to about 36, does...
1-2 of 2 Results