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  1. 4x4's, Pullers, Crawlers and other HD rides
    I have a 92 f350 I'm building into a open stock pulling truck I have dove heads on the motor not efi. I'm looking for fenderwell headers the class I'm building the truck for limits you to 1-7/8" primary I've checked in maddog but they only offer a 2" primary for the 90's ford frames I've found...
  2. Engine Tech
    Hi I'm currently searching for a set of headers that would fit the 460 on my Continental. Every other thread I have seen recommended the Hooker #6126's however there would still be clearance issues with the fitment. I was wondering if anyone actually found a fitting pair or a company that...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I recently bought a 1994 f250 xlt 2wd super cab. It’s in great shape 120,xxx miles and I wanna find headers ($500.00) And hope to find some bolt on stuff to get a few more horsepower and hopefully improve mileage. Also would like to find out about a limited slip differential, 4.10 35 spline in...
1-3 of 3 Results