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  1. Engine Tech
    Hey guys, I'm relatively new to the 460 and carbureted engines and I've been trying to get my motor home running right because I need to drive it 1200 miles in a few weeks. I've made the trip before but after a while it would start running terribly and I'd have to let way off the gas to get it...
  2. General Tech
    Hey folks, I'm having a tremendously difficult time getting this lower steering shaft to come off of the column. I'm replacing the rag joint on my '74 T-Bird, although I can't get this shaft to come off for the life of me. I don't need to hear that I don't need to remove this shaft from the car...
  3. Engine Tech
    Looking for some input on pistons to use for my 460 build. Fairly radical street build. Would like to stay at 91 octane. going into a 78 f150 short box 4 speed 3.55 gears d1ve block and d3ve heads
  4. Engine Tech
    83' f250 460 4bbl. So just yesterday when I went to town I ran completely outta gas. Like sputtered and died (gas gauge don't work). Anyways after I filled it up, it ran just like normal for about 30 miles. Now it's acting weird. When I hammer the throttle from a stop, I can do a burnout, drift...
  5. Engine Tech
    One day on the way home from work my truck started bucking and died and never started back up. Turned out to be the injectors not getting ground from the EEC. I threw in a new EEC and now it starts up fine, but it won't idle right. it runs a little bit better with the spout connector unplugged...
1-5 of 6 Results