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  1. Engine Tech
    Hi. I have a 460 in my 1978 mark v with no compression in one cylinder. I intend to keep it to work on at a later time, but bought a 73/74 460 locally. I put in a Cloyes 9-3622X9 timing chain and set it to straight up timing. No other modifications. My mechanic said while I have the oil pan...
  2. Engine Tech
    Hey all! 2nd post, long-time lurker. Here's the back story: Bought a 1978 E350 Class C RV (camper special edition) with the 460 in it. I have replaced the intake and the Motorcraft carb with Edelbrock Performer Intake (2166) and Carburetor (1405). The EGR system had already been 'removed' -...
  3. Engine Tech
    I have a 1986 f250 460 it has a holley sniper tbi with the holley hyperpark ignition and distributor it has flowtech headers no smog pumps or egr weiend stealth intake manifold and top dead center timing gears it was running great but I decided to swap the cam out for a little more power I...
1-3 of 3 Results