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1,071 hp 600" single Carb 16:1 comp. Built '94

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Built in 1994 with a dry sump and 16:1 compression, I'm thinking 16 yrs later the power could be matched/exceeded with 14:1, wet sump and less rev's.

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Awesome article, I read the whole thing, very interesting.
i have one of these new in the box from 94, i am now looking for someone to do the pair of heads for me...:)

Why would you want to use those "old parts" ? From '94 yuck they make much better parts today, I'll give you $ 2,500. for your old stuff and you can use that towards some newer parts. I doubt you'll find a better deal than that. What do you say. ;)

G- Code ;)

THESE HEADS need cam,and rpm, i have a 552ci that i did 4 years ago. 1 carb 14 to one makes [email protected] 7500,c head, and a 514 ci ,940hp c head. both these guys are very happy

great deal g-code....:D

Nearly anything to help a fellow Ford guy out. I wouldn't want you spending money on those out of date parts when there are better parts on the market today.

Send me the parts and I'll get you a check :)

G- ;)

hell, i even got a new e-460 set of heads new in the box, damm they must be worth 500 or so ....right....:)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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