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Near Madison, Wisconsin. The Doves are cores, and have no valves or hardware. I do have a titanium retainer/ spring package suitable for flat tappet cams that would work nicely with either set of heads. The D3's are assembled the way they came from Henry's place. No idea on mileage, so call them good cores too. $200 for the Dove-Charlies and $150 for the D3's.

I also have a complete engine/trans setup from an 89 E350. This is complete minus the front accessory drive. Fuel injected with the E40D, and had 78K on it when pulled. It was in a box van that my buddy needed the body off of. Ran fine when pulled. I have no idea what its worth, so I'll say $500. If that's way out of line make me an offer. The oil pan is dented from moving it around.

I also have an e-bay china billet neutral balance flywheel that is unused. $75/obo.

Thanks for looking!

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