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11.7 or 11.3 front brakes

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first off i would like to say hi. im new here and this is my first post. hopefully i do this right.

im wondering if 11.7 stock rotors would be any better than cross drilled and slotted 11.3 rotors for a 66 galaxie. would .200 per side make much difference?

the reason i ask is both rotors are pretty much the same price.

thanks for any help.
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If you are going to use your brakes hard, like on a larger vehicle, I would go with the cross-drilled rotors if they are that close in price. That will relieve the gas build up under the pad so they don't "float".
thanks for the advice, i was thinking the same way. slotted and drilled rotors should more than make up for the slight difference in size. i was just looking for some opinions.
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