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1954 Lincoln Build need help

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I have purchased two 1954 Lincoln Capris with desire to turn at least one of them into a bad A$$ street rod or rat rod.
I want to put a 460 into it and have seen pictures of two on internet with 460's but no contact information.
I have about 5K for the engine, tranny, drivetrain build. I can get a 460 and tranny out of a 1973 Lincoln for just over 300 dollars at a local junkyard.
I would like to put a blower on it and may be willing to spend a little more than 5K to do it.
I need some help from the experts on this. My email is [email protected] . I don't want to buy a crate engine as I'll just be wasting money and not learning. I've got a good friend who is good at building engines to help me along on project but once again need experienced recommendations on how to spend the money and what exactly to buy.
The 54 Lincoln had a boxed and welded X-frame. It is very very stout. I'm not sure what rear end is in this 73 Mk IV but I'm guessing it is also a good candidate to go in the 54 along with the tranny and built to the hilt engine.
Advanced thanks to all from a newbie.
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1954 Lincoln build

Forgot to mention that it may be best to do a stroker or a stroker/turbo combination for the 5K to spend on the project. I know the blowers cost alot. I found a stroker kit on Ebay and a thread on this site that talked about it. I also found another thread that warned about Chinese kits. Is this kit a chinese kit or is it worth using: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Eagl...r_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item58857c41d3

stay away from Eagle Crank's

Please post some pic's of the Lincoln

Yeah Mike...You'll spend at least $5K on just the blower set-up.
Pic after getting from junk yard and cleaning it

This is the pic of the first one that I got with a salvage title from the local pick-n-pull. I'll get a pic of the other one on the trailer tomorrow.
What stroker kit would you recommend, where to get it, and how much? I saw one on ebay from a seller called cnc-motorsports for 1400 and internally balanced for about another 200 dollars extra. Would you recommend this one or a different kit? 514 cubes should be good enough but I'm willing to go more.


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Second 54 Lincoln Capri pic

Here is the other 54 Lincoln that was brought from out of state. Need advice on proceeding with the 460..the more wisdom I can get from the builders here the better. Advanced thanks. Mike


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Those are gonna make one cool ride...I cant wait to see more pics.:)
Here's what you need to build.


but can use the stock heads and still be good enough for what you wont.
more details are on page 2

and you will get more help over there
that will make a sweet ride for sure....i love different than norm builds---where do you live? you can have my nearly complete extra 460/c6 for $250.
C-6 Transmission

Thanks for the offer on the C-6. Not knowing how to build a transmission for extra horsepower I looked through threads on this forum and on 429-460.com I found a mention of Broader performance. I called Jay and am planning to get the 700HP wide range C-6 along with the 10.5in tourque converter with 1,000 HP rating and 2,500 stall. I got into a debate over the torque converters yesterday and now unsure of the stall speed to select. I may call Jay at Broader back up on that one but am open to explanation of how the stall speed works as far as full power transfer and partial power transfer before the stall speed. I also got into a debate on the rear end and thinking I'll need ladder bars but open to debate on that as well. This is my first street rod and first serious engine build. I will be taking the advise given a couple of posts back on the link for the torque monster 502 going into the F-350. Only deviation I'll be making on that build is I'll be stroking it out a little more than 502 but everything else will be similar. That engine spec'd at a minimum of 548 ft/lbs from 2500-4600 RPM and peaked at 480HP. Sounds like a great street engine for a 4,250lb Lincoln. Mike
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1954 Lincoln build update

Today I pulled a 460, C-6, driveshaft, radiator, and head panel out of a 1973 Lincoln MK IV. I also pulled some of the air conditioning parts but not sure if I'll be able to use the radiator or the air conditioner parts. I'd like to have A/C in this ride but may be willing to sacrifice it to get an awesome street rod.
Tomorrow or the day after I will pull the rear end out of the Continental MKIV as well.

That engine/tranny combo is a beast in the back of a lifted dually pickup with 35" tires. I hope to find a very stout tree and use my winch and snatch block from my M1009 to get it out of the bed of that dually.
514"!, 514"!, 514"!, .................and slapper bars on the rear should do just fine!
Junkyard engine pull hung from tree in front yard

Here is the latest picture. Had to lift out of the lifted dually with 35" tires and will lower into a trailer so that I can get at it with an engine hoist.
Newbie question: I was told that it is possible to go 545 with 30 over. Is it a reliability issue and that is the reason to go 514? I was planning on going Scat forged to pay for a little American Labor on the machining and to get cheap insurance on the engine insides.


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545s are just as reliable as the 521/514. Id go with the 521 0r 545 :)

Email...Lem and he will help you with your motor build and spec. a cam for it to.
he well help even if you dont buy the parts from him.
he's a great guy and dont mine helping people
and can even build it for you.
Update on Lincoln build

Hello to the group. I have an update. I was hired by Rockwell-Collins as a DOD contractor and will be in-country Afghanistan by November and a company school by 4Oct. The Lincolns and project are on the back burner. I will be over there for a year, back on vacation, and potentially over there another year. I'll have mad money when I return to do this job right. I will be able to afford to put blower(s) on it and build the engine to the hilt upon return as well as any frame modifications and modification of the clip, tub, etc.
Best Regards,
Mike Kendall
Thats kool. be careful and have a good time.
Mike, good luck down range and be safe. Just my two cents on the build is to keep it old school and reliable. A dual quad set-up or that rare tri-power manifold on a 460 would be cool and would fit the wallet a little better. Once again be safe and god bless.
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