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Hi - newbie to the forum, but I have worked on trucks for a long time. I have a commercial catering truck - 55 Ford F600 with the original 292 Y block and 4 spd trans. It's really overweight for the 292 so I am considering putting in a 460 that is tuned for 375HP, mated to a C6 or suitable manual... (I think the C6 might be an easier conversion?)

No power steering, and the front axle is the stock F600 which is pretty heavy, but simple.

Putting aside engine build questions for the moment, I am looking for help with the fit/engine mount/radiator/driveline questions. Has anyone done this? Are their good vendors for mounts and for transmission bolt-up? I need the vehicle to work, and I will have to do the conversion in the fall/winter when I can afford to have it off the road for a while. I want to avoid finding out that the oil pan is wrong or once the C6 is mounted or it requires some new mounting hardware or whatever.... You know... the hard lessons of experience...

Any perspective would be helpful. Thanks!
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