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1965 Ford Mustang Coupe to Trade for 1966/67 Ford Fairlane.
I have a 65 Mustang that I have had for several years now and I do not have the interest to finish the car. When I got the car, it was a complete car w/ an ugly paint job and decent interior. I have taken the car and stripped it to a bare shell, for sanding. I have removed all the interior, the front and back glass, and the trim around it. I would say I have 80-90% of the things that would put this car back together and make it a nice car. I have debated making this car into a prostreet car or an all out drag car, but I cannot bring myself to cut on this car. It is in the perfect stage to cut and put tubs into the car or make it into a drag car. I have several new parts that will go with the car like new headliner ( and I think I have new carpet but I will check my shop storage building this week and double check. These two items where purchased from NPD and are in the box, but are like 5 yrs old, I will check the condition this week) I have most of the trim and interior pieces and have several GT items that go along w/ the car to. The car has had some bodywork and needs just a little TLC and it would make a nice, nice car. Before I got the car the right-rear quarter panel had been replaced, and I replaced the radiator support. The left quarter around the wheel well, needs a/b little work not much, has a little rust. I have many parts and things that go w/ this car, I will try this week to get pictures of the car and parts that go along w/ it. I also have an org 3 speed tranny w/ shifter and clutch that came w/ the car when I got it.
E-mail me @ [email protected] then we can discuss the details of the car. The cars current state is a shell w/ r/t and l/t side glass in and some what sanded, no interior except dash, and needs to finished from there/ put back together.(car comes w/ parts to put back together w/.)

I want to trade for a 1966/67 Ford Fairlane in good shape. I truly do not want a rust bucket car that I have to do a lot of bodywork too. I would only trade for a 2 door car, sorry no 4 doors. Email me what you have and we discuss all the things that go along w/ this car.
If you want to buy this car (65 Mustang and parts) email me and we will go from there.
I do not have picture yet, I will get them this week and respond to everyone’s email that is serious a/b trading or buying this car.
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