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1966 Fairlane With 502

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Installed a ATK 502 525 HP engine in the Fairlane. Had some over heating problems at 1st......fixed that with 2 elec fans and water pump fan.......... Now seems not to be producing 525 HP. Should be a screamer but not living up to ATKs HP claim ?


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I bought the same engine for my LTD. Still not installed yet, but I bought the fully dressed version, so it came dyno tested. The Dyno sheet was packed with the engine.
Ah I see... Yes, I just wanted the piece of mind of knowing the engine was run tested at least. I'm not too concerned about exact HP, as long as it's fairly stout..
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My engine was complete and dyno tested. Let me know how much power it makes.
Oh really... What did the dyno sheet show? I need to check mine. I'm not super experienced with building cars like this, so I'm hoping to be fairly satisfied, even if the numbers are inflated a bit.

Are you running an MSD ignition box (sorry, I see now that you are)? Good gas, clean filters, plugs, wires, etc? I'm sure you're 10 steps ahead of me, but just curious.

Did you have any issues with the CVF serpentine kit? I will be running it as well.
Here's mine. It was tested right before they shipped it. It's now been sitting for a year+ LOL. Got too overwhelmed with other things.

Should finally be installed and running in the next month.

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Your dyno sheet looks like the one on the ATK sight. Im anxious to know how it goes for you. Where are you located?
Yea, it is dated right before it was shipped and the engine smells strongly of gas when I unpacked it. So, I assume the test was genuine. I'm finishing the front suspension this week. Next week will be brakes. If I'm lucky, I can drop the engine/trans in next weekend. Will probably be another 2-3 weeks after that (at least) before I can run/drive it.
I'm in St. Louis.
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