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1966 Fairlane With 502

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Installed a ATK 502 525 HP engine in the Fairlane. Had some over heating problems at 1st......fixed that with 2 elec fans and water pump fan.......... Now seems not to be producing 525 HP. Should be a screamer but not living up to ATKs HP claim ?


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+1, get your total timing right. You can mess with the less-important idle timing after.

Sounds like you have some tuning to do. Whatever it will give, it won't do it until everything is tuned.

You solved your cooling, but your flex fan is too small for the shroud. A 7-blade paddle-blade fan of proper size will pull much more. Use it with a clutch (with coil spring on the face) if you have room.
We reset the initial to 30* I do not know what the total advance is Its Ignition system is MSD.
Runs about the same. Getting some dieseling or run on when shut down.
Whoa! :oops: Initial (base idle) timing is 30°? That's dangerous, as it will add unknown timing as it revs.

As you do not know the centrifugal advance in your distributor, you can set timing by total (all-in) advance at high-rpm. Disconnect and plug the carb-side of your vacuum advance (if you have it). While watching the timing with the timing light, rev the engine until the timing advance stops adding timing. Note the degrees. Adjust the distributor position until the total timing (all-in) when revving to all-in is 34°.

If it were me, I would confirm exact timing mark location with a $10 spark plug thread timing stop (or make your own). Then if you do not have a dial-back timing light; add measured marks every 5° to 40°, before setting timing as-above. 34° is only a place to begin timing tuning, but should be much closer than guessing, and certainly safer than what it is.

[EDIT] Dynamometers are test devices, and may be calibrated or corrected to read anything you like. Do not regard dyno sheets as proof of anything. They are meant to collect relative measurements for tuning under stable and adjusted conditions, with proper calibrations, corrections and operation.
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"Initial"? Is it a locked distributor?
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