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Some of you may remember the F2000 as a past Masterpiece in Metal, but owner John Yeiser has been busy improving it even since then.

Some of you may know Yeiser from his many appearances on QVC. Yeiser is an inventor, and comes from a family of inventors that dates back to the late 1700's. They invented one of the first water injection units for WWII aircraft and Yeiser himself has invented over 80 products (he also currently hold the Guiness World Record as the worlds fastest trap shooter!)

So it just makes sense that he’d want to tinker with this 1969 Ford F-100. Tinker he did as it is now a twin turbocharged, fuel injected screamer that is truly one of a kind. Kurt Schutenhelm at Precision Race Development in Santee, CA. designed the chassis, while Glen Straightiff at Complete Fabrication of El Cajon, CA. did much of the actual build.

Ford F200 Bfgoodrich Method Swayaway Hella Front Three Quarters Sliding Photo 123581224
True to its heritage, the front end is a Twin I-Beam setup that features custom front spindles by Complete Fabrication. The front shocks are a pair of Sway-A-Way Race Runner shocks with one a 3.0 bypass and the other a 3.0 coil over. There is also a Sway-A-Way bumpstop for when the hits are huge and when it’s time to stop, the 12-inch CNC disc brakes are up to the task.

The huge rear trailing arms also have a pair per side of Sway-A-Way shocks while it’s 12-inch Wilwood brakes that put the squeeze on. A quartet of 35-inch BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires mounted on 17-inch Walker Evans Racing are a combination that dominates Baja, but they work well with the silver paint scheme, too.

The cab is the original steel, though the front fenders, hood and bed sides are custom fiberglass units. The body was originally designed by Dan Ellis, while the modeling and tooling was completed by Pete Morley at Prototype Concepts of Reno Nevada. Once ready, Rauly Gomez of San Diego, California, applied the metallic grey paint. Keeping stylistically period, Yeiser used round Hella lights. Though they are LED, they look like they what this truck should be equipped with.

Ford F200 Accufab Borla Aem Ump Howe Msd High Down Angle Photo 199781072
Inside, it’s tight for the occupants. A late 60’s cab wasn’t roomy to begin with, but Yeiser has managed to get in everything needed. The basis is the full cage, which anchor the Mastercraft seats and harnesses. Yeiser thought it would be a shame to cover the beautiful, hand-made UMP aluminum dash with upholstery, so he didn’t. It’s home to a host of Auto Meter Super Comp instruments, a controller for the Vintage Air A/C system and vents.

Oh yes, it has air conditioning, and Yeiser even claims that there’s a positive pressure system to the cab, so no dust can enter during a run. The steering wheel is Sweet, and we mean that it’s from Sweet, while the floor shifter is a Winters unit. A Lowrance GPS panel has been affixed to the floor beneath the center instrument pod, and to the black carpeting that was installed by Benny Gonzales who also did the cool door panels and headliner. A Stilo Communication System sits between the seats and James Lin handled the wiring chores for the entire truck.

Inside the belly of the beast is a 1971 issue Ford 460ci block that has been built for big horsepower. Eagle H-Beam rods connects the JE Pistons and rings to the nodular steel crank and a Comp Cam Hydraulic Roller Camshaft bumps the roller valves in the TrickFlow heads. A double roller chain keeps the timing perfect for the 8.1 compression ratio engine.

Ford F200 Autometer Lowrance Mastercraft Ump Vintageair Stilo Interior Close Up Photo 123581230
That’s also the perfect ratio for a forced induction engine, and thanks to the twin Turbonetics Turbo Chargers, it has all the induction it can handle. The turbos are equipped with dual Intercoolers and a quad waste gate system. An AEM Series 2 Fuel Management, FiveO Motorsports Black-Ops Injectors, Aeromotive Fuel Pumps gets the fuel to the twin Accufab Throttle Bodies (unique design incorporating a late 70’s turbo charged Indy car look) that are mounted to a Hogan’s Racing intake manifold.

A pair of huge UMP air cleaners provides the clean air while an AEM ignition system provides the sparks. Routing the exhaust is done with a Complete Fabrication header system that exits after the Borla mufflers. The result is that the Norm Sappenfield (NCP Motors in Placerville, California) built engine produces 1200hp with 900 lb-ft of torque. Getting that power to the 40-spline, full-floating Cone rearend is done with a Culhane Racing Turbo 400 transmission that keeps its cool with a Fluidyne transmission cooler. The Culhane features a 4:12 gear ratio.

Yeiser originally purchased the truck in the early 90's. It was then a Class 8 truck that the previous owner was still racing. He laughs when he says that his in-laws were not very happy that he had his newborn baby in a car seat in a Class 8 daily driver. But when he goes to NORRA he’ll be joined by his son Jack; so it wasn’t questionable parenting, it was early training as in addition to the F2000, the pair now race a Spec Trophy Truck together.

We admit that we have a fond spot in our hearts for vintage anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s trucks, Bronco’s, bikes, style or what, we’re all for it. So seeing a 1969 Ford F-100 built to this degree, with the attention to detail, is as close to heaven as we can get here on Earth. Yeiser and his team should be proud of what they’re taking to NORRA.

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